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Hello artists and admirers, or whatever you may be. Welcome to my humble deviant-art. I don't think I am that fascinating but I shall give brief "bio" to abide social norms. I'm a female crochet,knitting, felting machine...human technically..but machine sounded cooler. I am big fan of science fiction and fantasy. I adore most animals and probably the main root of why I crochet them since they are amazing. I hope to bring lesser known animals to light to help share knowledge on them. But also cute things are nice! Personally I would like to think of my self as an intellectual but I will probably also be seen as a fool or at least an empty headed. I'm an old soul and very old fashioned in my views on life and society. I would love world peace to be a real thing but unsure how that would come about. Humans are way to complex for my little brain.
Anyways, stick up a conversation or just comment or give criticism. They are all welcomed :D

My lovely dragon icon was made by the beautiful and talented The-F0X:iconthe-f0x:

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Random memories

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 11:34 PM
... I'm sure I am not the only one that gets reminded by the most randomous things that trigger a memory that I don't often recall. (I do know that randomous is not a word but you know what I mean.) At work is the main source of my constant forgotten memories. Sometimes it's alright but other times I just sorta stand and look dumbfounded that I would forget some of the things I have. But I must remind myself that the human brain can contain so much information that it's common for things to be forgotten. 

One memory that has randomly come to surface was from prom night. Now prom wasn't amazing, nor did think it would be anything spectacular just took part in a social tradition while allowing my homeschool friend join me. But there was moment where I actually paid attention to my boyfriend at the time. (I honestly spent more time with my old girl friend then with my boyfriend since we never shared friends and he was being swarmed by his school friends while I wanted to make my friend who knew no one was kept entertained :). ) . But I didn't mean to dawdle on my old friend who I miss dearly, but about a just a random moment. A country song started playing, I didn't recognize it nor would I probably be able to recognize it today. All I do recall is that I think the name was Green Tractor or it at least talked about a tractor...Deer tractor? Who knows. But my boyfriend grabbed me from a conversation, which I then fell out of my chair since I didn't expect to be pulled out of my sit and didn't have my feet in my shoes anyways. But after adjusting myself got quickly walked to the dance floor. I remember being mildly confused why it was so urgent for me to be on the dance floor. Turns out there the guy did expect me to come with and thought he'd have to use some force to get me to dance haha. Now none of this is what I am really thinking about...I just somehow enjoy telling a story and giving details I don't really need to because I can. But while slow dancing to some very, very country song on a very, very packed dance floor and I saw a gay couple. It was two Hispanic guys. I just found them so adorable. I remembering thinking it was rather awesome that I am in a time period where anybody can love each other, and even enjoy music together even if most of the genre is rather "traditional" in it's topics. All I want is for people to be happy. 

I suppose that is one reason I'm rather friendly at work, but it's also that I'm just happy I can be able to talk to people. Even if it's for a brief second, I have the ability to interact with them and tend to try to make them smile or laugh. Although I do often wonder how many people, mostly guys, who take my friendlyness as flirting but I have no clue. I do know that there are a couple crushes on me...then again from what I've heard from my co-workers I am refereed to as the "hot one". Which I suppose is flattering but when you work with only 8 other people at a gas station... with 6 of them being girls, and only 1 other girl in her's not hard to be called the "hot one". All I do know is as long as no one touches me or lays it on WAY to thick...I'm alright. And usually laugh it off in an akward i-hope-you-leave-and-don't-come-back-today sort of laugh. -_- Funny how girls are often told to behave in a sweet, mild manner. Smile no matter what; if they are tired, happy, sad, angry...just got to smile to put "people" at ease? I may be incorrect with that but it does feel like a common trait. 

OH! There is one other thing that's been on my noggin. There is one customer who comes in sometimes who has a lot of tattoos and I usually ask him about one each time I see him since he has plenty of tats which means plenty of explantation. I even just like hearing his thoughts on tattoos and such. I mentioned once that I wanted to get a matching tattoos with friends, (although not adding that I haven't seen these friends in over two years.) But when he was leaving he said went like "You better make super sure you want a matching tattoo...What might happen if you stop being that person's friend?" and my only thought and explanation is "Even if I may not be in their lives anymore, they have impacted my life greatly. I would not be the person I am today without them." He just smiled and nodded his head in understatement. :shrug:

Plus that it is a tattoo I've thought about for many years. I remember trying to think if I ever got a tattoo, what would it be of? And I had thoughts but I know plenty of the things I thought of were things I probably don't even watch or read anymore. But the date of the day I met my bestfriend with my other friends just seems perfect. Now I could either have the date in Roman Numerals or go a bit more "different" and use another number system. Like Mayan or even Elvish..or Dwarfish (Cirth.)  Elvish would be perfect XD . Although I did have an idea of having my name in Elvish be a different tattoo but I really think I'd prefer a strong quote or something over my name since I could never say it correctly haha. I now I have more things to think on. But the one thing I need to know most is, what is that damn date? 

Anywhoo, sorry for talking/texting your ear of. Just things that go through my mind.

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Should I change my etsy's name from Unclichecrochet to... 

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