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Janene Schoolz
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Hello artists and admirers, or whatever you may be. Welcome to my humble deviant-art. I don't think I am that fascinating but I shall give brief "bio" to abide social norms. I'm a female crochet,knitting, felting machine...human technically..but machine sounded cooler. I am big fan of science fiction and fantasy. I adore most animals and probably the main root of why I crochet them since they are amazing. I hope to bring lesser known animals to light to help share knowledge on them. But also cute things are nice! Personally I would like to think of my self as an intellectual but I will probably also be seen as a fool or at least an empty headed. I'm an old soul and very old fashioned in my views on life and society. I would love world peace to be a real thing but unsure how that would come about. Humans are way to complex for my little brain.
Anyways, stick up a conversation or just comment or give criticism. They are all welcomed :D

My lovely dragon icon was made by the beautiful and talented The-F0X:iconthe-f0x:

And my tumblr is
And my Facebook (w.i.p)…
...and so many more shows to go T^T (I have a whole list of movies, shows, and even some bands I should check out...but do I ever look at the list when I want to watch/listen to something new...most of the time no....but at least I have a list.)

Anyways, I just caught up with the last episode of The Venture Bros. which I swear is most likely my favorite show...because I know a show is good when I am almost crying from how hard I am laughing. Plus it had SOOO many pedo jokes that just tickled me. O.O My god I am in love with the snappy show. ^.^ Aside from that I have been working on a commission which I am nearly done-ish with it...well more like I'm half way done...since I still have to make his claws, felt his eyes, and wait for one more skein of yarn to get to me so I can finish his bottom legs. Then after that is all done, just finish little details and WAH-LAH! Done :3. But I predict it will be almost another week before I can finish it since Jo-Ann is so friggen' slow. -_-

The only other update I have to give is that I bought myself a bass guitar finally :3 So Happy about that...since I got it half off due to the seller having a sale at their section. And I got an amp with it...the only downside is that I didn't get a bass guitar cord so I still need to buy one so I can hook up the bass to the amp. ^.^ Although since I got it so cheap I might be buying myself an electric guitar to go with it...because I swear I'm instrument crazy at the moment O.O As well as the fact I keep finding rather cheap priced guitars....and since I am a mere beginner I don't need anything fancy. I just need something with decent sound and isn't First Act or B.C. >_< (Awful brands. ugh.) Although to be honest I think I Have a secret plan that once I rejoin society I'll attempt to create a band and if I already have some instruments it will be a great bargain to get people to play with me XD. My god I sound depressing but cereal you guys! I just want to in a simple little band, nothing serious but something we can just write silly little songs together...and call ourselves THE NAKED BANANAS! or Hidden Testicle...or even Lesbian Theory....or actually create a band name together...because it's TEAM EFFORT! At least a team idea. :shrug: One of my random dreams I suppose. Although honestly I feel like if I ever get someone to actually seriously work with me musically we'll probably just be a duo group since I suppose I feel like I have low confidence in people when it comes to working actively on such a "big" project. Or perhaps that most of my favorite music groups tend to be it might just be a sign. :shrug: Ideas, ideas just flood my head man...and Dreams spur long unnecessarily long playouts. Although sometimes I wonder if I ever date again that I might try to do a music thing with my male partner in crime...but who knows, I just know I'd create a lot of crocheted characters for them. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever re-create my friends in the "CROCHET ZONE"...but it seems a tad voodoo-y. O.O.

Last subject, which probably shouldn't interests anybody that much...besides I'm ranting on it before. But have you ever had the feeling where an old inside joke could just brighten up your just one insignificant thing that means nothing to everyone except you. Making you grin like a dingus, although in my case it's me covering my face trying to hide the fact that I have a maniac grin plastered on my face...and once I get over the initial surprise I still re think about it and just smile quietly to myself. But it's somewhat pathetic that it's been four days and I still get smiley from it. I can't wait to be blunt again, heck, to just grab my phone and instantly call anyone I want to. O.O The idea of picking up a phone and calling a person it's such a foreign idea to me that I wonder if I'll ever become used to it again. I hope I'm close to my freedom...because so help me random diety I could list, if I'm turning 21 and alone I am sure as well going to probably go into a mega depression stupor...more so then I already am.  And I shall end this apologizing for my human traits. 
  • Listening to: Your Ghost- Jherek Bischoff
  • Drinking: my tears. my pathetic, salty tears...

Which is better? (I'm trying to figure out what instrument I should buy for myself but I can't choose D: ) 

4 deviants said Bass Guitar
3 deviants said Mandolin
2 deviants said Ukulele
2 deviants said Toy Piano
No deviants said Keyboard
No deviants said Accordion



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